Saturday, August 13, 2005

Nifty stuff

I just found out that Jef isn't among us anymore. But also that he used to one helluva guy.

He has this enormous list of achievements that just goes on and on, and really make me feel like there should be MORE healthy, productive time to the disposition of some people. Anyways, I'll be checking out the nifty tool Archy he was developing until the very end.

It kinda promises a lot more of what I really need. Zen calm and a problem-free environment to punch out ideas, and be creative in. Less pont and click, more straight-on keyboard-punching, and standarized rules for quick handling. Oh yes. And the notion that it should be IMPOSSIBLE for the computer to 'lose' some of your work. Ever. I just observe that blogger seems to have implemented a feature that promises NOT to loose work-in-progress, wich is a HUGE improvement over regular web interfaces (see earlier post '>:( .

Oh. And this must be the best concept ever: Theory of the week! it's just a little bit dead there, but the information is still good; Brook's law: "Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later". That's a notion I can second, and a very counter-intuitive, yet very logical phenomenon.

It also explains software projects tendency to fail disastrously when they first fail. Great fun!