Sunday, October 01, 2006

Open letter to EMI Records Ltd.

Dear EMI Music,

I have apparently bought a medium that will not play music on my primary music system (Ubuntu Dapper Drake 6.06).

This is MOST CERTAINLY not the the behaviour I have expected at the time of purchase, as it was sold in a manner decieptively like regular CD's are traded.

The purchase of item 'Kraftwerk - Minimum-Maximum' was made under obviusly false assumptions, and was caused by LACK OF PROPER MARKINGS ON the sold 'Copy Control' medium.

I can bear not being able to hear the music, but the fact that I have been misled to spend an unreasonable amount of money for a service not delivered, grieves me deeply.

If you could,

A. Provide future releases of NON STANDARD media with CLEARLY LEGIBLE markings
B. Provide me with digital copy for the contents now unaccessibe (or thorough directions of aquiring the same)
C. Provide means of reversing the transaction that have taken place, where I get to keep my money, and EMI Records Ltd. can have another go at sellig the afforementioned album

, I would see this matter as resolved and refrain from further complaints whatsoever.

If solutions A to C seem unreasonable and impossible to implement, the least that I will settle for is an apology.

Sincerely Yours,
John Random