Saturday, September 04, 2004

First posting, all set and.. POSTS AWAY!

Why the silly title? You might wonder what kind of message I'm trying to broadcast, but hey, it's probably more than one.

First of all i really like the sound of it, My Castle. It's all mine. And I can do whatever I want around here. Probably without anybody taking notice, lest I be loud enough, and invite people over, ever so often.

I'm online pretty often. The majority of my friends are online too, and not in the "what's-new-in-the-online-version-of-the-local-paper-today,-maybe-some-porn?"-wussy kind of way. We go online to socialize, to seek knowledge, software(legal and, to a varying degree, not-so-legal), news sources of our own preference, even sexual satisfaction (though few make this a public activity, SOMEONE has to fund the multi-billion industry of online porn, right?). The internet is a MAJOR medium, with a considerable impact on our lives.

Me, for one, myself dabble with the idea of getting disposable income from work and operations, in some way or another, connected to the great big internet. That's a quite thorough adoption of, and a heavy reliance on a technical solution, like the internet is.

This may seem stupid, but what I find most remarkable about this is that EVERYBODY does this. It's nothing special about this for a lot of the people living in the good old civiliced part of the world(no offence to countries with non-functioning TLD's like .er). The growing percentage og people, on a regular, or constant basis, connecting to a global, digital network, is so huge that people did not even bother to imagine the effects of a only 20 years ago.

And and as a firm believer in Moore's Law, I will have to say 'you ain't seen nothing yet!' about this developing trend.

Forget everything about the 68'ers, the dessert, the X and Y generation, it's the online generation that counts.

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